Choss Wilde

Rock Climbing, Bouldering, Mountain Biking, Caving

Choss has taken part in a few competitions, but for him climbing is a lifestyle. He is passionate about the outdoors and loves inspiring and supporting others.

Ebony (Junior Rebel)

Gymnast, Tumbler

Ebony has been dancing since she was 4 and doing gymnastics since 7. She is level 6 and trains 11 hours/week. 

She’s fit and active and loves all outdoor sports. 
Check her Instagram here

Alice (Junior Rebel)

OCR, Diving, Karate, Rock Climber

Alice started rock climbing at the age of 4 and took too it instantly. Enjoying working on problems. Inspired by Ninja Warrior she began Obstacle Racing as soon as she was old enough to have go and is counting the years until she is old enough to take on the adult courses.

Andrew Khaw

Rock Climbing, Bouldering, Ninja Warrior

Andrew has been climbing for over 3 years and recently started competing in competitions. Finishing first in his first competition.   
Andrew said that climbing for has helped me come out of my shell making me a better person on the wall and in everyday life.
He is also excited to be training for Australian Ninja Warrior.
You check out his Instagram here.