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Care and Prevention of Hand Rips

Climbing hands

It does not matter if you are a Climber, Gymnast, Obstacle Racer or Crossfit enthusiast chances are you will be dealing with hand rips at some point. They can be painful and stop you in your tracks until they heal. Here are some tips to help prevent and deal with a hand rip.

Treating a Hand Rip

No one wants to stop their activity, these tips will help get you back faster.

Wash It

As soon as possible give the rip a wash. Yes, this does sting but you need to get the chalk, dirt, sweat etc. off of it. You do not want to get it infected as this will slow down the healing process.

Trim It

Using some sterile scissors or nail clippers trim off any of the excess dead skin. Then apply antiseptic to the rip. If you are determined to keep going make sure you cover it with a bandage before continuing. The best action is to stop and allow it heal though!

Moisturise It

Apply a good quality repair balm or salve (shameless plug time – BUY NATURAL REBEL ACTIVE REPAIR BALM it’s great). You do not want the rip to dry out and crack. Before going to bed apply more balm liberally, if you don’t want balm all over the covers (which get me into trouble) slip on some cotton gloves. 

 Preventing Hand Rips

Well that is how to fix a rip, but we have all heard the saying prevention is better than the cure.

Here is how to reduce the chances of getting a rip.

Moisturise It

You need to stop your hands from getting dry and cracked, so you need to regularly keep them moisturised. Normal skin moisturisers can be used but they tend not to be as effective as a dedicated balm or slave (resisting the urge for another shameless plug) which are formulated specifically for this purpose. We really recommend you find yourself one of these.

Deal with Calluses

As calluses start to build up it is important to keep them smooth, too reduce the chance of ripping. Used an emery board nail file work over the calluses removing the hard skin. Some people recommend using a razor blade but this makes me cringe so I am not.

After filing down the callus apply (you guessed it) some more balm or salve.

Follow these simple tips and help keep hand rips at bay.

Look after yourself and you skin.

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