natural rebel repair balm

The Rock climber

Rock climbing and bouldering can be tough on the skin and finger tips. The all natural ingredients in Natural Rebel Skin Repair Balm help to restore and repair your skin. Keeping you ready to climb.

Use on scraps, sore finger tips, calluses and flappers.

the tradie

Working with your hands on a daily basis can take its toll on your skin. Fight back with Natural Rebel Skin Repair Balm. Don’t let your rough and dry skin hold you back.

Use on calluses, rough skin, scrapes.

Working with your hands
Lifting weights

the fitness warrior

Lifting weights and working out can hammer your skin. Look after your calluses and skin with Natural Rebel Skin Repair Balm. Don’t hand rips stop you working out.

Use on hand rips, calluses, scrapes.

the human

Everyday life can also take its toll on your skin. Dry skin from hand washing; an Eczema flair up; chapped lips etc. Natural Rebel Repair Balm has you and you family covered.

Use on dry skin, eczema, scrapes, cracked heals and more.

"As a passionate outdoor rock-climber and boulder, juggling work and play is absolutely essential for the active lifestyle I desire, because at the end of day it’s all about skin integrity baby! you want strong durable palms for training hard at the gym and to maintain pushing your limits in the outdoors, but come Monday morning you can’t rock up to work looking like you lost a fist fight to a cheese grater. So in saying that my go to for abrasive palms and flappers like barn doors is always Natural Rebels Active repair balm"
Choss Wilde
Rock Climber

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