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Rock Climbing: How to care for your hands

Fix hand rips

Let’s face it your hands are important pieces of kit when it comes to rock climbing, so it is important that you look after them.

It’s frustrating not being able to climb because your skin is shredded and we all want to be able to climb more.

Here are some tips on keeping those tips primed and ready for action

Keep it clean

Wash those hands straight after rock climbing to remove chalk, dirt, sweat etc. If left on the skin they can cause it to dry out. Plain old soap and water is the best, make sure that the water is not too hot as this can also dry out the skin, but we don’t always have access to a sink, so I always keep a small pack of wet wipes in my climbing bag. 

Keep it soft

Now your hands are clean it’s time to get some moisture back in them. Grab some climbing balm (Natural Rebel Active Repair Balm rocks!) and apply to your hands. Softened hydrated skin is less likely to split or tear.

Before applying the balm, you may want to file down any calluses your may have on your hands. Use an emery board nail file for this. Some people recommend shaving the calluses with a razor blade, We do not, as it is hard to control the depth and can make the callus too thin and
even bleed.

Apply another lot of balm before bed and let it do its work overnight.

Keep it short

Don’t forget to give those finger nails some attention. Trim the carefully so a little bit of white remains at the tips. Trimming too short can be painful when climbing.

Keep climbing

Follow these simple tips and keep yourself ready to climb.

Look after yourself and you skin.

Natural Rebel

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