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Improve your mental health with exercise


Today we hear a lot more about mental health and the importance of maintaining good mental health. Which is a great stop forward, from keeping things bottled up.

For years we have all heard the positive effects that exercise can have on our fitness and overall physical health. According to Beyond Blue, studies show that exercise can be as therapy or taking medication.

But why is exercise beneficial to your mental health.

  • Exercise promotes the release of endorphins which help to trigger feelings of positivity and reduce the perception of pain.

  • It gives something else to focus on. During a workout (or a rock climb if your me) you must be focused. When you are focused everything else is pushed out of the way, giving your mind a break. This focus helps to clear your mind and get you in touch with your body.

  • Extending from the point above, exercise can also be great for letting out pent up frustrations. Putting your focus and energy into any exercise or activity can create a fantastic feeling of satisfaction.

  • Previously we have covered goal setting as part of getting started with exercise. Setting and achieving these goals can help to boost your self-esteem. Check out our tips to get started with exercise here: 7 Steps to Start Exercising Again
  • Regular exercise also helps with the quality of your sleep. Getting a good nights sleep not only helps restore the body physically, it helps to regulate moods.

Staying motivated to exercise can sometimes be difficult check out this post to help overcome your excused for not exercising.

How to overcome your excuses for not exercising

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